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Christine Brown RMT

Leslie Vasquez RMT

Aneta Isak RMT

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Claudia Salzmann

Claudia is the founder of Claudia Salzmann & Associates (now known as Cabbagetown Massage Therapy). She began her Massage Therapy career as a sole practitioner in 1981. In the early years, she treated a wide variety of health concerns and established a busy Practice in downtown Toronto. She worked extensively with athletes at all levels, traveling to sports events and witnessing the performance-enhancing and restorative power of Therapeutic Massage.

As her Practice grew, Claudia searched for like-minded therapists to share in the work and the philosophy of patient-centred care. What began as a single therapist working at capacity, transformed into Claudia Salzmann & Associates, a team with the ability to cover seven days per week and care for a much larger group of clients.

In 2016 Claudia sold her Practice to Christine Brown, an RMT who has been working at Claudia Salzmann & Associates since 2004, Today, we at Cabbagetown Massage Therapy operate three treatment rooms and a warm therapeutic pool with a team of four professional therapists. We continue to build upon our legacy and strive to offer quality care for all our clients.